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Fueled by a strong desire to make a difference.
I help spark innovation in a practical, fast, and efficient manner.
Empowering corporates and SME's to stay ahead of the curve.

As founding partner at 
InnoPro, a premier innovation firm.
And the creator of the RACE© Innovation Method.

I swiftly identify and validate areas for growth and/or operational efficiency.
And implement effective strategies and processes that drive innovation and foster resilience.

I bring the expertise and tools you need to succeed.

By leveraging the power of the proven RACE© Innovation Method,
my clients are always well-equipped to adapt to an uncertain future.

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A means to ensure the continued existence of your business and to increase.

The action of renewing; the introduction of novelties; the alternation of what is, through the introduction of

new elements or form.


In the face of tradition.

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Apply for a free strategy session.

Each month I host two 90-minute strategy sessions for forward thinking companies with a need or ambition to boost their innovation. Interested? Apply below.


“The expertise to build, conduct and analyze studies and experiments. We have been guided very well. Approach was very specific.”

— Erik | ANWB




"It is presented to the stakeholders at every stage, has different objectives and that makes presentations powerful tools to convince and substantiate."

— Arnica | KPN




“The facilitation of the innovation expert, the structure of the process and the quality of the tools made everything very tangible and the future direction clear.”— Eri

k | ANWB




"My team was excited and engaged after each session. The difference is already noticeable in both their approach as in the results."



LG Flowers

“A well-defined and structured process. Great tools, innovation experts and templates. Impressive pace of their various innovation programs.”




"Pragmatism, so breaking up a 'big and broad' innovation project into manageable questions. What is the most decisive thing that we don't know and what should we do together in these phases?"





Let's make elephant RACE.

Learn how your companies can innovate radically faster, smarter and more efficient with the proven and proprietary RACE© Innovation Methodology.



Navigating the ever-evolving business landscape requires more than just adaptability.
As a premier innovation agency, we're here to be your compass in this dynamic world.
From ideation to implementation, our comprehensive suite of services is designed to propel your business forward.
Dive deeper with us to discover how we can redefine your journey to success.



In the intricate dance of business innovation, understanding user needs is paramount.

At InnoPro, our Service Designers are experts in crafting experiences that resonate deeply with users.

They bridge the gap between business objectives and user expectations, ensuring services are both impactful and user-centric.

Through a blend of research, strategy, and design thinking, InnoPro's service designers transform the way services are delivered and experienced.

Dive into a world where every touchpoint is meticulously designed for excellence, all under the expert guidance of InnoPro's dedicated service design team.


In today's digital landscape, user experience is the linchpin of success.

At InnoPro, our UX Designers specialize in crafting digital interfaces that are intuitive, engaging, and user-centric.

They delve deep into user behaviors and needs, ensuring that every interaction is seamless and meaningful.

By merging data-driven insights with creative design, InnoPro's UX designers transform the way users interact with your digital platforms.

Step into a realm where user satisfaction is paramount, and every click, swipe, and interaction is optimized for excellence, all curated by the experts at InnoPro.


In the competitive world of business, rapid and sustainable digital growth is the ultimate goal.

At InnoPro, our Growth Hackers are adept at leveraging unconventional strategies to drive user acquisition and engagement.

Merging data analytics with creative marketing techniques, they identify and exploit growth opportunities that traditional methods might overlook.

With InnoPro's growth hackers, you're not just aiming for incremental improvements; you're unlocking exponential growth potential.

Dive into a strategy where every move is calculated for maximum impact, all under the innovative prowess of InnoPro's growth hacking experts.


In the vast corporate landscape, continuous innovation is the key to staying ahead.

At InnoPro, our corporate Venture Builder professionals specialize in driving new ventures from within established corporations.

Harnessing the resources and networks of the parent company, they systematically ideate, validate, and scale new business models, ensuring alignment with the broader corporate strategy.

With InnoPro's venture builders, you're not just diversifying; you're pioneering new frontiers from within.

Experience the blend of startup agility and corporate might, all orchestrated by the experts at InnoPro.



At InnoPro, we believe that innovation isn't just about new ideas — it's about transforming the way you operate and deliver value.

Our Innovation transformation service is designed to reshape your organization's DNA, embedding a culture of continuous innovation at every level.

We don't just introduce new tools or processes of RACE©; we redefine your approach to challenges, ensuring that innovation becomes a natural reflex, not just an occasional initiative.

Partner with InnoPro and let's co-create a future where your business doesn't just adapt but leads with distinction.


At InnoPro, we understand that not every innovative idea guarantees success.

That's where our Innovation validation service comes into play.

We rigorously test and validate your groundbreaking concepts against real-world scenarios and market dynamics.

Our RACE© approach ensures that your innovations are not only novel but also viable, valuable, and aligned with market demands.

With InnoPro's expertise, transform your brilliant ideas into validated solutions, primed for market success. Let's ensure your innovation journey is both inspired and informed.


In the dynamic world of business, a clear direction is paramount.

At InnoPro, our Strategy development service is tailored to chart your path to innovation-driven success.

We dive deep into your organization's core, aligning your vision with actionable strategies that harness emerging trends and opportunities.

Our holistic approach ensures that your business not only navigates the complexities of today but is also poised to lead tomorrow.

With InnoPro, transform vision into strategy, and strategy into success. Your innovative future starts with a plan. Let's co-create it.


In a world that's constantly evolving, staying ahead means understanding tomorrow's trends today.

At InnoPro, our 'Trend Reporting' service offers a deep dive into emerging patterns, shifts, and innovations shaping the future.

We curate insights from global movements, ensuring you're not just reacting to change, but proactively leveraging it.

With InnoPro's expert analysis, equip your business with a forward-looking lens, turning trends into opportunities.

Navigate the future confidently, informed by insights from the vanguard of innovation. Your roadmap to tomorrow, crafted by InnoPro.



Understanding your audience is the cornerstone of innovation.

At InnoPro, our Customer research service delves into the heart of your target market, uncovering their needs, preferences, and pain points.

We employ the cutting-edge methodology called RACE© to gather genuine insights, ensuring your innovations resonate deeply with your audience.

With InnoPro, it's not just about meeting market demands—it's about anticipating them. Let us bridge the gap between your offerings and your customers' aspirations.

Dive deep, discover authentically, and design with precision, all with InnoPro's expert touch.


In today's digital age, bespoke software can be the game-changer for businesses.

At InnoPro, our Software development service crafts tailored digital solutions that drive efficiency, engagement, and growth.

Leveraging the latest technologies and methodologies, our team transforms your unique challenges into innovative software applications.

Whether it's streamlining operations, enhancing user experiences, or unlocking new revenue streams, InnoPro ensures your software not only meets but exceeds expectations in a compliant manner.

Dive into the digital future with precision-engineered solutions, all under the trusted banner of InnoPro.


Innovation is more than just ideation; it's about bringing those ideas to life.

At InnoPro, our Innovation production service transforms visionary concepts into tangible realities.

We bridge the gap between inspiration and execution, ensuring that every innovative idea is realized with finesse and functionality.

Our multidisciplinary team collaborates closely, turning blueprints into breakthroughs using the RACE© method.

With InnoPro, you're not just dreaming of the future; you're actively crafting it.

Let's turn your innovative aspirations into impactful solutions, all under the expert guidance of InnoPro.


In the realm of innovation, ideas thrive based on (in)validation.

At InnoPro, our Experimentation validation service is designed to rigorously test and refine your pioneering concepts.

We employ a systematic approach called RACE©, setting up controlled experiments to assess the viability and impact of your innovations.

This ensures that every idea is not just novel, but also robust and market-ready.

With InnoPro, you gain the confidence of validated experimentation, ensuring that each leap forward is both bold and informed.

Navigate the innovation journey with evidence-based assurance, all with InnoPro's expert touch.



Speed and precision are vital in today's fast-paced innovation landscape.

At InnoPro, our RACE© Sprints and RACE© Accelerators service are tailored to rapidly propel your ideas from concept to reality.

Through intensive, time-bound sprints, we fast-track solution development, while our accelerators provide the resources and mentorship to supercharge growth.

Whether you're kickstarting a new project or scaling an existing one, InnoPro ensures momentum without compromising quality.

Dive into a world where innovation meets acceleration, all expertly orchestrated by InnoPro.


Efficiency is the backbone of successful innovation.

At InnoPro, our Process optimizations service focuses on refining and streamlining your operational workflows.

We delve deep into your current processes, identifying bottlenecks and areas for enhancement.

By applying our cutting-edge methodology RACE© and tools, we ensure that every step of your operation is optimized for maximum productivity and value.

With InnoPro, it's not just about doing things differently, but doing them better.
Embrace a smoother, smarter, and more efficient way of working, all under the expert guidance of InnoPro.


In the world of innovation, (in)validation is key to ensuring viability.
At InnoPro, our Validated business service meticulously assesses and confirms the potential of your business concepts.

We employ rigorous testing using the RACE© method, market analysis, and stakeholder feedback to ensure that your business model isn't just innovative, but also sustainable and market-ready.

With InnoPro, you gain the confidence of a business foundation built on evidence and insights.

Venture forward with the assurance that your innovative business model stands on solid, validated ground, all curated by the experts at InnoPro.


In the ever-evolving business landscape, fresh propositions can set you apart.

At InnoPro, our New propositions service is dedicated to crafting unique offerings that resonate with today's market demands.

We combine deep market insights with creative ideation to develop propositions that are not only novel but also aligned with your brand and values.

With InnoPro, you're not just introducing new offerings; you're redefining value and capturing untapped opportunities.

Elevate your brand with compelling propositions, all meticulously designed by the innovation maestros applying the RACE© method at InnoPro.



Empowerment through knowledge is a cornerstone of innovation.

At InnoPro, our Trainings are crafted to equip your team with the skills and insights needed to thrive in a dynamic business environment.

From foundational skills to advanced masterclasses, we cover a spectrum of topics tailored to foster a culture of continuous innovation.

With InnoPro, it's not just about learning; it's about transforming knowledge into actionable strategies.

Elevate your team's capabilities and drive innovation from within, all under the expert tutelage of InnoPro's seasoned trainers.


In the crucible of innovation, collaboration sparks brilliance.

At InnoPro, our Workshops offer immersive sessions where ideas flourish and strategies take shape.

Tailored to your unique challenges and goals, these workshops harness collective expertise, fostering co-creation and hands-on problem-solving.

Whether it's ideation, strategy formulation, or skill enhancement, InnoPro's workshops are designed to catalyze transformative outcomes.

Dive into interactive sessions that not only inspire but also equip your team with actionable insights, all expertly facilitated by InnoPro's innovation specialists.


Guidance is pivotal in navigating the complexities of innovation.

At InnoPro, our Facilitation service ensures that your team's collaborative efforts are channeled effectively towards tangible results.

Our expert facilitators guide discussions, workshops, and brainstorming sessions, ensuring clarity, focus, and productive outcomes.

With InnoPro's facilitation, barriers are broken down, ideas flow seamlessly, and consensus is achieved efficiently.

It's not just about steering the conversation; it's about unlocking the collective potential of your team.

Experience the power of structured collaboration with InnoPro's seasoned facilitators.


Empowerment is at the heart of sustained innovation.

At InnoPro, our Coaching service is tailored to nurture and elevate the innovative capacities of individuals and teams.

Our seasoned coaches provide personalized guidance, helping you navigate challenges, refine strategies, and unlock your full potential.

Whether it's honing leadership skills, fostering a culture of innovation, or navigating complex projects, InnoPro ensures you're equipped with the insights and confidence to excel.

Embark on a transformative journey of growth and mastery, all under the expert mentorship of InnoPro's dedicated coaches.


Innovate with
the right tools.

Get started and Innovate Lightning Fast with all the tools of our proven RACE Innovation toolkit.


The Full Innovation

By providing businesses with the tools and resources they need to very rapidly seek out and explore new ideas.

By sparking a culture of innovation and implementing proven innovation strategies and processes, we help businesses very rapidly seek out and explore new ideas.

Our innovation experts bring a ton of skill, enthusiasm and structure that will empower and excite teams to truly come with measurable results.

Proven Innovation.

I spark innovation the right way and empower corporates to stay ahead of the curve. Simple, fast, and efficient. Fueled by a strong desire to make a difference. How do we do it? Through our powerful and proven RACE© innovation framework.

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